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Growing concern of world food shortage not a blessing for Vietnamese farmers

Vietnamese farmers in the Mekong Delta are no doubt among the poorest in the world although paradoxically they are the world’s most efficient rice producers thank to natural advantages of the region. Read more…

Cooling down inflation warms up the stock market

Vietnam’s CPI grew at 2% in August, much lower than expected, giving new hope to investors that the Vietnam Index may resume its momentum. Read more…

BOCOVINA suspension revealed loopholes in corporate governance law

Turning a loss-making company into a profitable one in the same year would require genius business skills. In the case of COBOVINA Ltd, whose shares were suspended from trading by the HCMC Securities Exchange on 11/7 due to two consecutive losing years, it was accountants’ magic and directors’ incompetence that created 2.25 billion VND profit in the 2007 financial report while the company was making 6.8 billion VND loses. Read more…

Catfish farmers facing bankrupt as finance dries up

Aquacultural farmers in the Mekong Delta may lose 500,000 tonnes of cat fish as local sea food processing plants said they have no cash to buy. High inflation has recently put interest rates in Vietnam up to 22% per annual. Finance dry-up leaves many farmers with no money to feed their fish stock while local processing plants have no money either to buy farmers’ stock. Read more…

Vietnam to export 4.5 millions metric tonnes of rice in 2008

Good winter-spring harvest makes it possible for Vietnam to increase rice export to 4.5 million metric tonnes of rice in 2008, estimated by the Ministry of Agriculture in June 08. Read more…

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