Market Research, Sourcing & Licensing

Either sourcing from Vietnam or selling to Vietnam, you need a trustworthy local partner, and, in many situations, a license from local government. We have the local knowledge to help you find trustworthy local partners to carry out your plan. And when it comes to obtaining a license, staff at ContractVietnam not only know about the local laws, we are also familiar with the bureaucracy of local government officials to smooth and accelerate your licensing process.

Contract Briefing, Negotiation & Drafting

Negotiating a contract with a local client? We can brief you about local laws that affect your contract, join your negotiation team, and help you draft the contract.

Supply Chain Management

Having an ongoing contract in Vietnam and wanting to make sure your local partner conform to the contract? We act as your agent to manage the ongoing contract, such as inspecting operations onsite, collecting, checking, and transfering quality assurance documents according to contract, handling claims and variations at the early stage with tact to avoid escalating disputes with your suppliers.

Dispute Resolution

Frustrated with your opponent ignoring your rightous claims? Like arming is a way to keep peace, litigation is in many situations an effective way to bring your opponent back to the negotiation table and force your opponent to settle the dispute. Dr. Quan H. Nguyen is a qualified lawyer in Vietnam, a member of the Bar in Ho Chi Minh city, and he has great skills and knowledge of negotiation in the looming shadow of a judgment day in the Vietnamese court of law.

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